Web Development

Optimizing business solutions with pioneering technical skills and offering consequential quality designs. We offer high quality, reliable and meaningful web solutions.

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IT Consulting

Each project is unique and deserves the devoted attention of experts in addressing your business communication needs with realistic outcomes.

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Looking to create an E-commerce website? We offer a variety of solutions, using the latest web technologies to create a solution that will work for your business, large or small, custom tailored to your needs.

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Hosting Services

Wald has a wide array of web hosting plans to suit your web, email, and database hosting needs. All of our hosting clients receive free anti-spam protection and our policy of 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

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About us


Wald Solutions focuses on the client, hence providing websites built on value and expertise. Our prices are highly competitive with other companies that fail to produce, so rest assured that your money is well spent. With us, you will have a customized website design that attracts your clients or users, custom tailored to your needs and imagination. We encourage you to contact us and help us better understand your needs. Emphasis is taken upon websites built upon quality, speed and reliability. Let us work for you so we can create a personalized presence on the web that will serve your interests and the needs of your users and customers.

Our passion for thought-provoking and stimulating innovation ensure that your project exudes “value” at all times. With a creative fusion of ingenuity and experience, Wald transcends marketing techniques and provides a synergy of customer, web user & company, that is unrivalled amongst others.

We want to make a difference: to translate ideas into services through a free and integrated workspace, where we have the opportunity to explore internet's potential in all senses. Our mission is to help our clients, managing the project from concept to release, through a honest and open relationship.

Wald's Recipe

Image Defining your website entails gathering your needs and objectives and working strategically how you want this displayed on the web front. Through this process we work out the structure of the site and what other components are necessary to include. Defining phase also carries out a thorough assessment of your current and potential competitors, and feeding this research into our ideas, plans and suggestions for your site.
Image Everyone has different requirements and budgets, so we offer specification and design solutions to match your needs. This ensures that functionality, accessibility and creativity work harmoniously in your website design.
Image Our build process covers every requirement your business might have i.e. from e-commerce solutions to content management system (CMS) that can give you and your staff complete control of your website. You can view the site before it goes live and make reviews and additions at this stage. We also offer cost-effective support and maintenance solutions once the site or application is live to help you make the most of it, and also to help you make further improvements to it.
Image Shiny sites are the end result of Wald websites. We work with you to establish the weak points of the site and use your feedback to polish it up. Support and expertise does not end with the launch of your new website – we will continue to refine your site and analyse its' performance to achieve the best possible results for you.

What's Wald...

web prescence

Web visibility. The goal is to make your website ubiquitous and easy-to-find through using online technologies such as branding, marketing, search engine optimization and social media

quality driven

Specialising in crafting elegant, clear, fully-responsive, vivid websites with unequalled attention to both aesthetic and technical features for the best user experience

custom development

Tailor-made business solutions to cater for your business objectives, by applying the principles of Agile development, continuous integration and test driven development

web analytics

Measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for the purposes of improving performance, website usage and highlighting metrics e.g. unique visitors, time on page, visits etc

content management solutions

Online systems to give you complete control over your site and content, with the flexibility and scalability to grow with your business and future goals

social media marketing

Gaining traffic and attention through communication channels such as facebook, google plus, twitter, etc, dedicated to community-based input, interaction and collaboration

electronic commerce

Increasing online sales through business transactions conducted electronically between businesses and customers, over the internet, thus offering convienience, speed and visibility

search engine optimization

Amplify your search engine positioning on the web. Your website is built on high-quality link building marketing strategies to place it on top of organic search results